Hair Colour

Expert Hair Colour at FRISOR Hair Salon in Hale, Altrincham

Hair colour can transform a great hair style into a sensational hair style!

At Frisor hair salon in Hale, Altrincham, we are experts in creating beautiful hair colour for men and women.  We use the superb Aveda Full Spectrum™ range of hair colours that are up to 99% naturally derived using plant power instead of petrochemicals.  Amazing hair colour you can feel good about!

Our colour technicians are highly trained in the latest hair colour techniques which allows us to create personalised hair colours including classic blondes, reds and brunettes to fashion looks such as balayage and ombre.

We offer a range of different Aveda colour service options which allows us to work with virtually any budget.

We understand that having hair colour for the first time can cause some anxiety. Our job is to make your first visit as relaxing as possible.  Many options and variations are available to you so you may be wondering where to start in order to end up with the look you want.  Check out our guide below which explains the different hair colour techniques available, then book in for a complimentary hair colour consultation with one of our experienced colour technicians.  If you can, bring a photo of the hair colour you’d like.

Call us on 0161 941 5217 or book your hair appointment online.

PLEASE NOTE: We ask all our clients to undergo a simple colour sensitivity test at least 48 hours prior to their first time colour application, or if they have not had colour with us for more than six months.  Read our Skin Testing FAQs.

Permanent Hair Colour Change

If you’re looking for a total colour change, perhaps to redhead, blonde or brunette, your Frisor colour expert will advise you on a hair colour to suit your skin tone and lifestyle.

Permanent colour consists of both peroxide and ammonia.  It can make hair darker or a few shades lighter and provides excellent coverage for grey hair.

The colour will last until your hair grows so your roots will need to be touched up every four to six weeks.



Temporary Hair Colour & Demi-Permanent Colour

Temporary hair colour contains no ammonia and only a small percentage of peroxide.  It can only be used to darken hair.

Over time the colour fades to a translucent stain, but the roots need to be maintained to avoid a mismatched look.  Semi-permanent hair colour causes the least damage to your hair.

Demi Permanent Hair Colour contains peroxide but no ammonia.  This type of colour is very good for covering grey hairs.  It can only be used to darken hair.   Your roots will need to be touched up every four to six weeks.

Highlights and Lowlights

This technique involves the use of powder enlightener, permanent or demi-permanent colour to lighten your hair (highlights) or darken your hair to add depth of colour.

Subtle colour can be added using highlights or lowlights which are great for covering grey hair.

Your roots will need to be covered up every three months or so.




Glossing/Glazing for Shiny Hair

This process involves placing semi permanent colour on the hair for a short period of time to darken hair slightly or to change tonality such as changing an ash blonde to a golden brown.

Clear glossing/glazing is also available to add shine to hair without altering the colour.

Gloss or glaze needs to be reapplied every few weeks for optimum results.

Whatever hair look you’re after, why not book in for a hair colour consultation with one of our experts?  Call us on 0161 941 5217 or book your hair appointment online.