Amazing Results With OLAPLEX Hair Treatments

Transform Your Hair With OLAPLEX at FRISOR Hair Salon, Hale

olaplex hair treatments, Hale hair salon in Manchester
We are seeing some fantastic results using OLAPLEX which transforms hair from dry and brittle to healthy and gorgeous!  It is so much more than a deep conditioning hair treatment so please read on to find out what makes OLAPLEX so special…

OLAPLEX can be used on all hair types including hair that has been or will be coloured or bleached.  By adding OLAPLEX to the colouring process we can protect your hair from breakage, and repair damage.

We all know that bleaching hair and using heating tools incorrectly can lead to damaged hair.  Whereas a deep conditioning hair treatment will coat the hair’s cuticle, OLAPLEX goes much deeper and reconnects the disulfide bond in the hair which gives you healthier and stronger hair.

This is a 3 step treatment:

Step 1:  This is a concentrated OLAPLEX solution which can be added as part of the hair colouring process to protect your hair.

Step 2:  This is a cream version of OLAPLEX which is applied after the hair colour has been washed out.  We will leave it to work its magic for 10 minutes or so before washing it out.

Step 3: OLAPLEX No. 3 Protector is an at-home treatment.  Used weekly, this treatment will help you maintain your hair, keeping it soft, silky and strong.

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olaplex hair perfector number 3LATEST NEWS

We are now selling the fabulous OLAPLEX No. 3 Hair Perfector for you to use at home.  Used once a week, the OLAPLEX Perfector will strengthen your hair and stop it from breaking.   Simply apply the solution to towel dried hair, gently comb it through and leave on for at least 10 minutes.  Rinse before using your regular shampoo and conditioner.  Your hair will feel smoother, softer and stronger after the first treatment.  OLAPLEX No. 3 costs £32 from FRISOR hair salon.

Can Olaplex Damage My Hair?

You are always going to read the odd ‘scare story’ when a new product is launched.  One story circulating is that Olaplex can damage your hair.  We’ve certainly not experienced any negative side effects from Olaplex as all our stylists and colour experts know exactly what they are doing when applying this product.

Olaplex themselves go as far as saying it is chemically impossible to damage the hair using Olaplex. In fact, Olaplex does only one thing – it creates an ionic and covalent bridge between two single sulfur hydrogen bonds to form disulfide bonds.

Olaplex does prevent damage but it will not stop excessive damage from heat reactions which may be caused from the hair colouring or other chemical processes.

If you are having your hair coloured for the first time, or for the first time in six months or more,  we always recommend you have a skin patch test so we can work out if you are going to have a reaction to your hair colour.  Sometimes your skin can react due to new medication that you are taking or because you’ve subjected your hair to hard or chlorinated water.